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December 20, 2011. Successful start of production of a 2000kg/h finishing line>>

December 2011
NEW MILESTONE FOR IWI: The most capable XPS-finishing line at the time, for up to 2000kg/h, has now been handed over to the customer and put into service after extensive performance tests. The line produces nearly 70m³ of foam per hour around the clock. It is the largest line to date for extruded polystyrene foam in Europe, it is fully automated and can be operated by a minimum number of personnel.


June 12, 2009 New cutting unit put into operation>>

June 2009
Our technicians have successfully put a newly constructed cutting unit into operation and
turned it over to the customer. This is an exceptionally heavy-duty cutting unit with moving
guillotine blade for cutting XP, PU, and PE foam and similar materials. This machine has been
patented by the German Patent Office.
Patent No. 200 2009 002 228.5
The animation shows how the machine functions. KNIFE ANIMATION

Technical data: max. cutting width: 1350 mm ,max. raw material thickness: 120 mm*, max. raw product speed: 30 m/min *

* Higher values available on request.